About Robert Važan

I am software developer by profession (LinkedIn). I have previously worked for biometric (fingerprint recognition) company Innovatrics, although I never worked on their core algorithm. I draw a lot of inspiration from other free biometric projects like NBIS MINDTCT and Bozorth3 and Fingerprint recognition SDK. I’ve added a lot of my own innovations into the mix.

I’ve originally created SourceAFIS for peace of mind. I had lots of ideas I couldn’t try at Innovatrics. Shortly after leaving the company, I have created SourceAFIS to get those ideas out of my head. Besides that, SourceAFIS served as a valuable learning resource about theory and practice of artificial intelligence or even as a way to gain experience with specific tools and technologies. If you would like to know more, read the story of SourceAFIS.

Since June 2010 I have slowed down SourceAFIS development. I keep contributing various bits in order to protect the project from bugs and bit rot, but major features will be slow to appear unless new developer comes to rescue. As of 2012, there’s only one significant contributor (Bharavi Gade), but several others have showed interest in the project. If you are interested to contribute significant amount of work, please contact me directly via email to discuss your intended contribution. SourceAFIS board on Trello describes suggested extensions to SourceAFIS.

I have previously used pseudonym Robert Vanak on SourceAFIS project as a privacy protection measure. I have since changed my policy towards use of my real name and I am now publishing all new changes under my real name. You can occasionally encounter the old pseudonym in various places.

If you would like to contact me, send mail to NOSPAM@gmail.com where NOSPAM should be replaced with “robert.vazan”. Please use the forum whenever possible, so that others can benefit from the conversation.