Projects Similar to SourceAFIS

Before starting to work on SourceAFIS, I have carefully investigated existing solutions for possible duplicates. I wanted to do something unique and in many ways better than what was available at the time. A side effect of my effort was that I’ve collected quite comprehensive list of opensource fingerprint matching projects. It’s now a little dated as I haven’t updated it since December 2009, but perhaps you will find it handy even today. I don’t know of any other list that would include more opensource fingerprint recognition software than this one.

Production quality algorithms

Weak algorithms

Empty and severely broken projects

  • OpenAFIS - no sources, no files for download, nothing
  • qfingifier - no sources, no files for download, nothing
  • Fingerprint Matcher - no sources, no files for download, nothing
  • Mlinzi - no sources, no files, not even sure whether it is supposed to have its own matcher
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